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CHECC, which is not an acronym, by the way, is a group of families located in Clark County, Ohio who all home school. We take pride in offering homeschooling for our children from preschool all the way up until twelfth grade. CHECC was created so that we could check in with each other and make sure our curriculum, teaching style, and learning environment are up to date.

One of the main concerns about homeschooling is that children do not get any social interactions. We created CHECC so that all of the students can participate in Interest Group Classes and field trips together. We even hold CHECC dances and activities for the students to be a part of while being homeschooled. Everything from school pictures to graduation ceremonies is taken care of by CHECC. So although the students are being homeschooled there is still the camaraderie of being in an actual school.

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We only work with trained and certified tutors who are going to bring the best out of our students. All of our tutors are passionate about the subject they are teaching and the students. They must pass a rigorous interview process before we allow them to start teaching. So you know your child will be learning from the best around.


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We have higher test scores than any other school in the area and the highest graduation rates. Are students are able to do whatever it is they want when they finish our program.


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We are a fully accredited program and we offer advanced placement classes as well. Many of our students are able to graduate college earlier because of the AP classes we offer. Our transcripts are accepted by every single university on the planet.

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Our satisfaction guarantee states that you will love your first lesson.

If not, it is on the house.

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