We accept students of all different backgrounds, including all races, religions, and other affiliations. The idea is to create an environment where you get the benefits of a public school by having students interact with each other and never have to sacrifice the control that you get as a homeschool parent.

When students are able to interact, they will see that working together will help them succeed long term. You can learn to be independent as a part of the homeschooling and learn togetherness too.


Making sure that we get the right teachers is vital, in public schools, private schools, homeschool, and any other type of school there is. As important as it is to know the material, we want to be sure that the teachers that are working with your kids are caring, kind, and patient.

We do not want you to think that homeschooling is ever going to leave you worse off than if you had chosen another option, so we find teachers that are top notch.